October – National Safe Work Month – Time to Think Safe

The national safe work month extends throughout the year

October is National Safe Work Month, but it doesn’t mean anything goes for the other 11 months. National Safe Work Month serves as a pertinent reminder that safety at work is an important issue because no accident is acceptable.

We should all work safely every month, but it’s always good to have a reminder to take stock, review our safety records, and find areas where you can make improvements.

The theme for October is “think safe, work safe, be safe.” Let’s explore how you and your employees can apply each of these principles to a typical workday.

Think safe

Thinking safe means making yourself aware of all safety issues in the workplace. You are focused on your work, but you are also mindful of your surroundings and ready to recognise a hazardous situation. Safety at work is everyone’s responsibility. By thinking safe, you help to keep yourself and your colleagues out of harm’s way.

Work safe

Abiding by the “work safe” principle means you take every possible measure to create a safe work area. You follow the prescribed safety practices, wear the correct gear, and constantly scan the environment for hazards. When you notice a safety issue, you take the appropriate measures to deal with or remove the danger, including notifying others, putting up signage and barriers, or fixing the problem.

Construction safety

Be safe

The final message in the theme for National Safe Work Month means to take the first two principles and practice them diligently in the workplace at all times. A safe work month does not mean we can let safety protocols lapse once the month is over because safety should be at the top of everyone’s mind every month of the year.

Need help in making your NSW construction site safer?

I’m Sean Brown, the founder of SMB Safety, and I have been helping construction based businesses create safer work environments for over 25 years. If National Safe Work Month has you thinking about improving safety in your workplace, give me a call and let me help you fill in the gaps of your safety protocols to create a safer work environment for all.

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