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PPE and COVID – Creating a Safer Construction Site

COVID And PPE gear defence

COVID-19 has been incredibly disruptive to the construction industry in NSW. Lockdowns have turned many construction zones around the greater Sydney area into unfinished ghost towns. Some hope arrived in August, with new regulations easing restrictions, but still limiting the number of workers on site.

Physical distancing is mandatory to help curb the spread of the virus, and some workers will need to have at least a single or double dose of vaccine to get the all clear to show up for work. Entries and exits must be closely monitored to prevent overcrowding and maintain adequate physical distancing.

The mandates go a long way towards keeping workers safe, but PPE gear is still an excellent second line of defence. The more we can keep the virus at bay, the sooner the construction industry can get back into full swing.

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Develop a Covid-19 safety plan

A documented COVID-19 safety plan is mandatory in the Greater Sydney area (other than occupied residences), so here’s what you need to do.

You will need a plan to deal with anybody who becomes unwell on the site. Inform all workers that they must provide immediate notification as soon as they are aware of testing positive or have been alerted that they are a close contact.

Staff should be trained in matters of personal hygiene and use the latest infection control procedures, including cleaning hands, avoiding personal contact, and wearing face masks. If it’s inconvenient for workers to carry personal hand sanitizer, ensure there are hand sanitizing stations conveniently placed around the site.

First aid personnel need to receive adequate training and have access to PPE to minimise COVID-19 exposure as much as possible during administration of first aid, including gloves, facemasks, and protective CPR equipment.

Unfortunately, the pandemic will continue to create challenges for construction workers for some time to come, and we all must work together for the benefit of all. Adhering to the latest guidelines and safety protocols will help us all get back to work sooner.

Need help in making your construction site safer?

Need help creating a safe work environment? I’m Sean, the founder of SMB Safety Pty Ltd, and I can bring my decades of experience in the construction industry to your site to help you keep your workers healthy and safe.

Give me a call and let me help you fill in the gaps of your safety protocols to create a safer work environment for all.

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