Latest safety incidents in NSW

Worker struck by track skid steer

July 2021

A 45-year-old worker was struck by a reversing track skid steer while surveying levels as part of a road construction in the Southern Highlands. The worker sustained significant crush injuries.

Workers injured in formwork collapse

May 2021

An unsupported formwork platform has collapsed on a multistorey construction site at Westmead. Two workers were accessing the temporary platform and fell approximately 3.5 metres, suffering fractured ribs and serious lacerations to the head and legs. This is the second incident in less than a month where workers have fallen due to a structural collapse on a construction site.

Bricklayers injured in floor collapse

April 2021

Two bricklayers sustained injuries after the first floor they were working on collapsed at a Marsden Park residential construction site. Approximately four pallets of bricks had been stored on the timber first floor of the house construction when the floor gave way. The floor was supported by timber joists, supported by a timber beam at one end and a steel beam at the other end.

Worker falls into unprotected pier hole

Feb 2021

A 46-year-old skid-steer loader operator / construction labourer suffered serious back injuries after falling feet first approximately six metres into an unprotected pier hole on a residential construction site. The worker was walking around the front of the truck when he fell into the pier hole. The hole was not visible due to shadowing from the cab of the truck. A pier hole covering was not in place when the incident occurred.

Height access worker fatality

March 2021

A 52-year-old worker has suffered fatal injuries after falling eight storeys at a Liverpool construction site. The worker was repairing flashing on the side of a building using an industrial rope access system at the time of the incident.

Construction garbage chute collapse

February 2021

A 26-year-old casual worker employed by a labour hire company sustained neck injuries when he was pinned underneath a construction garbage chute as it collapsed. The chute, designed for free-flowing material, was filled vertically with soil when it collapsed. The worker had only been on site for a week and a half.

Latest safety incidents in VIC

Refilling gas cylinders

July 2021

There have been two recent incidents involving the refilling of LPG cylinders (gas cylinders), such as those used in forklifts and barbeques. Whilst only minor injuries were sustained in both incidents, they highlight the potential danger associated with filling gas cylinders from a LPG dispenser.

Farm worker fatally injured while handling hay bales

June 2021

Recently a farm worker was fatally injured when handling round hay bales near a haystack. It is believed the worker struck his head after hay bales fell from a stack behind him.

Employee dies when struck by a concrete-placing boom that structurally failed

June 2021

An employee was fatally injured when a critical component of a concrete-placing boom failed, causing the boom to collapse and strike the employee.

Employee dies after overhanging items fall from storage racking

March 2021

The operator of a reach forklift was fatally injured when the forklift struck items that were stored at height and overhanging the aisle, causing the items to fall and strike the operator on the head.

Mechanic dies while working underneath a car

May 2021

A mobile mechanic has died while working underneath a raised vehicle.

Working alone at a private residence, the man was fatally injured when the vehicle he was working underneath rolled off a trolley jack and crushed him.  WorkSafe is investigating the incident.

Employee’s arm severed during conveyor operation

March 2021

An employee seriously injured their arm while maintaining a mobile conveyor. The conveyor was operating at the time of the incident. The conveyor did not have adequate guarding to prevent access to a dangerous drawing in ‘nip point’.

Latest safety incidents in QLD

Worker falls from elevating work platform

September 2021

A worker sustained multiple fractures and internal injuries after he fell approximately six metres from the platform of a truck mounted elevating work platform while trimming tree branches.

Worker fatally crushed after being hit by moving vehicle

August 2021

a worker was fatally injured when he was crushed between his truck and a concrete column. Early investigations indicate he had positioned the truck in the loading dock to wash the back out and clean it. It appears a timber pallet was used as a wheel chock to prevent the truck from rolling.

Falling object from tower crane

July 2021

WHSQ was advised of a tower crane incident where a climbing frame guide roller assembly, four bolts and two shim plates fell to the ground.

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