It’s frightening….

The Building & Construction industry has one of the highest workplace injury incident rates in Australia

Sadly, the stories are out there every day. Major building and construction companies destroyed in one moment.

Why? Because they didn’t play it safe.

Welcome to SMB Safety. As leading safety consultants and training facilitators, we offer unique, structured and highly effective solutions that will enable your company to dramatically reduce the risk of incidents occurring.

Our zero-tolerance to risk is aimed at helping you play it safe 24/7 with solutions that will

Prevent workplace fatalities

Decrease injury rates

Protect your employees and contractors

Identify areas of high-risk and non-compliance

Improve in-house training capabilities and systems

Lift your brand as industry leaders that value safety and compliance

Are any of these your goals or concerns? Then, it’s worth a talk

Talks with Sean Brown, founder of SMB Safety

With over 25 years in the building and construction industry, as well as experience in the Water, Telecommunications and Civil industries, I consider “Safety First Always! my motto.

Over the years I had worked with many different PCBU’s as a full-time safety officer, advisor and systems manager. One of the biggest conversation points revolved around “spreading safety resources across a number of projects.” And, also reducing the time and complexities around safety training and WHS compliance.

As a holistic safety practitioner, my aim was to close these gaps by constructing simple and fast safety solutions that could “fit” across multiple projects. And that’s what we’ll help you do at SMB Safety.

Our proven systems to make a site “safer, better- and faster” has enabled us to partner with leading construction companies across Australia that trust our expertise and care to help them achieve their safety goals, and most importantly- dramatically reduce the risks and costs of “not playing it safe”.

SMB Safety Cost of Not Playing Safe

We specialise in helping

Small and large residential builders

Commercial builders

Construction based service providers: low and high rise site projects

Our Safety First Always services aim to derisk your company by improving it’s ways of working

Safety Management System Auditing

Safety Management System Preparation

WHS Management Plan Auditing

Consultation Services

Risk Assessment Services

Site Safety Inspections

Incident Investigation Services

On Site Safety Services

Safety Gear Supply

Proudly a partner of choice for leaders in the industry

Sean is, without doubt, the most experienced and knowledgeable WHS consultant I have met in the past 10 years. Sean’s technical understanding combined with his reputable market expertise and in-depth legal knowledge makes him undoubtedly the best choice of consultant for any business that places safety as a top priority.

Yehia AghaBusiness Consultant at Epic Management Solutions

Sean Brown is a enthusiastic, respectful and honest safety advisor. I have worked with him on a variety of projects and he has always been constructive and proactive with his approach to safety. He takes safety extremely seriously and conducts himself as a professional, never compromising himself. I hopefully will have the pleasure to work with him again in the future.

James BrightonSafety Consultant at Versatile Safety Consulting Pty Ltd

I worked with Sean for more than a year, within a major rail infrastructure alliance, primarily updating and implementing the quality management systems, with input as required into the safety and environment systems as well. The work also entailed conducting site inspections, developing training and briefing materials, and collating test and inspection documentation into the final handover reports to clients. I was impressed with Sean’s focus and work ethos, dealing with disparate groups in sometimes difficult situations and managing to provide the outcomes required for practical project lot completions.

Ray DelandroSchool bus driver at Dept of Education

Sean is a professional for delivering safety and risk management in projects. I should add he is nice and has a positive attitude with strong skills.

Nily SaniContract Administrator at Hindmarsh NAWIC member

I have worked with Sean for over 6 years and during that time he has consistently demonstrated a professional attitude to WHS. I recommended him to a few of my clients who still retain his services as needed. Always a pleasure to work with Sean, and I recommend him for his skills, knowledge and communication skills.

Fastform Group Australia Pty Ltd has employed the services of Sean as a sole trader and now as SMB Safety Pty Ltd since 2015. He came to us via word of mouth and has demonstrated himself to be very professional and reliable since 2015. He has progressed our company in a direction of safety in a very short period. I would highly recommend SMB Safety Pty Ltd’s services to any prospective client.

Erhan ÇelikseltepeNovember 9, 2018, Erhan worked with Sean but at different companies

Sean is a dedicated safety professional with a passion for people. I have always found him knowledgeable in every field of operational and strategic safety. He is always ready to mentor, but is also keen to listen and achieve outcomes that are readily accepted. He manages from a style that quickly gains respect from his peers and senior managers and brings a safety culture to his position that is quickly adopted by those around him. I believe that Sean will succeed in whatever role he wishes to fulfill.

Glen JamesNSW HSE Manager at Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

Ready to play it safe?

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News alerts: Because safety matters

Work Safe VIC

July 2021

There have been two recent incidents involving the refilling of LPG cylinders (gas cylinders), such as those used in forklifts and barbeques. They highlight the potential danger associated with filling gas cylinders from a LPG dispenser.

SafeWork NSW

July 2021

A 45-year-old worker was struck by a reversing track skid steer while surveying levels as part of a road construction in the Southern Highlands. The worker sustained significant crush injuries.

Work Safe QLD

September 2021

A worker sustained multiple fractures and internal injuries after he fell approximately six metres from the platform of a truck mounted elevating work platform while trimming tree branches.