Construction site safety

Construction Site Safety Checklist – Top 7

Got these on your construction site safety checklist? In 2020, the top violations in construction site safety included fall protection, hazard communication, respiratory protection, scaffolding, ladders, eye and face protection, and machine guarding. All of these accidents could have been avoided by following through with a construction site safety checklist. Construction site safety checklists are […]

Construction Site Safety

Builder Construction Site Safety Help: 3 Quick Ways to Get Safe

Why all good builders need to worry about construction site safety Construction sites are active bee hives of activity, with people and machinery moving about in proximity to each other. Because there are so many moving parts in a typical construction site, managing risks to prevent accidents is a lot more complex than the average […]

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PPE and COVID – Creating a Safer Construction Site

COVID And PPE gear defence COVID-19 has been incredibly disruptive to the construction industry in NSW. Lockdowns have turned many construction zones around the greater Sydney area into unfinished ghost towns. Some hope arrived in August, with new regulations easing restrictions, but still limiting the number of workers on site. Physical distancing is mandatory to […]

October – National Safe Work Month – Time to Think Safe

The national safe work month extends throughout the year October is National Safe Work Month, but it doesn’t mean anything goes for the other 11 months. National Safe Work Month serves as a pertinent reminder that safety at work is an important issue because no accident is acceptable. We should all work safely every month, […]

Falls and Ladders on NSW Construction Sites: Steps to Play it Safe

Falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the NSW construction industry Working at heights is a high-risk activity. Sadly, it is also a leading cause of death and injury on construction sites across Australia. Having attended numerous construction sites across NSW, the one thing I continue to find concerning is the incorrect use of […]

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Improving Safety on Building Construction Sites by 2022

Are these risk areas on your radar? Achieving an excellent health and safety record can only do great things for your business reputation, including increasing project opportunities, higher retention of employees and winning valuable clients.  In July 2018 the NSW Government developed the Building and Construction Work Health and Safety Plan in consultation with several […]

Construction Site Personal Protective Equipment

Construction Site Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements: Mandatory and General Requirements

What you need to know about PPE According to SafeWork Australia, Personal Protective Equipment, also commonly referred to as PPE, is the term used to describe any item or article of clothing that is used to reduce the risks to a worker’s health and help maintain their safety.  Today I want to break this down by […]

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Electrical Safety on Site – Why does the Good Ole’ Lead Get a Beating?

Talking about electrical safety in NSW How many eyes rolling did I just imagine seeing after reading the headline? More than just a few, I’m sure. “Not another lead to repair!” I can hear the electrician exclaim as it gets thrown through the site shed door, hitting the wall, and falling to the floor. We […]